Valuation, Compulsory Purchase & Compensation


Almost all aspects of our work as Chartered Surveyors requires the application of valuation skills and practices, whether in the form of valuation reports for lending procedures, assessment of capital gains and inheritance taxes, stock taking or the acquisition or sale of property interests.

Our expert team of Chartered Surveyors and Valuers can and will value the full spectrum of rural properties including estates, land, farms, commercial properties, non-commercial properties, equestrian units, woodland and land with a development consent or potential for development.

All of our valuers are RICS Registered and CAAV qualified, ensuring all valuations are carried out to a high standard and comply with all the appropriate professional valuation standards.


Compulsory Purchase

Compulsory purchase of land and property and the associated compensation is complex and frequently contentious often causing pressures and stresses.

The principle of Compulsory Purchase is to place the Claimant in the same position as they were before the scheme.  It is essential that people affected get professional representation from an early stage.  The valuation assessment and successful resolution of claims requires both technical expertise and commercial acumen.

For those impacted by a compulsory purchase, the process is typically drawn out, uncertain and frequently life changing. The claimant is not helpless however, and proactive measures can be taken to protect your position.

The acquiring authority or utility company will employ dedicated teams of specialists and usually supported by external consultants. Therefore, to protect the landowners position it is imperative that they are equally well-advised with the appointment of a Registered Chartered Surveyor with expertise in this field, who will also advise whether other Professional disciplines are required at the appropriate time.

The best results are achieved when claimants are supported by capable and experienced professionals, with a comprehensive understanding of the legal technicalities, and clear-headed decision making.

Landbridge has the breadth of experience to support landowners with this challenge as and when they arise.


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